What is Kitten Play?

Kitten play is something i came across early on in my journey and fell in love with right away. A lot of times when i tell people that i am into kitten play, they ask me all kinds of questions about it. Things like; what is it? What makes you a kitten? What is involved in kitten play? Do you use a litter box? So here i am going to explain a bit about kitten play in general and also what it is like in my dynamic.

So what is kitten play in a dynamic or scene? It is where one person is in the mind set of a kitten or just role play with kitten cosplay and the other person is in the mind set of an owner/caregiver or sometimes just enjoy seeing their partner in kitten cosplay. There is a wide range of how kitten play is used in dynamics from, just wearing cat ears and acting cute, all the way to wearing a full cosplay and entering a complete mind set of a kitten, where they cannot care for themselves at all.

What is kitten cosplay? Kitten cosplay can involve any of the following; cat ears, cat tail (plug or detachable), paw mitts (or just mitts that make your hands stay in a fist shape), leg restraints so that a kitten can only walk on their knees, fur leggings (usually knee or thigh high, which allows the kitten to wear knee pads to protect their knees from the hard ground), a collar and a leash. A kitten can be naked otherwise or sometimes will complete the outfit with cute panties, maybe a bra or maybe just cute garters with bells around the boobs. Some kittens will even do their make up to give them some extra kitten features.

How does one act like a kitten? There are many things that someone can do to make themselves more kitten like. Things like; head bumps (gently pushing your head into your partner), kneading your partner with your paws (curling your fingers into an almost fist and lightly curling your knuckles against your partner), curling up into a fetus position against your partner and maybe even rolling from that onto your back against them, swatting playfully at zippers and other dangling things on your partners clothing, playing with cat toys, squinting at your partner (like a cat does when showing they trust you), pushing into their hand when they pet you (including full body pets and pushing wherever the hand goes), licking your partner, even light nips (especially places like their chin, nose or elbows), playfully grabbing (with paws, no thumbs!) their hand when they touch your belly and many other things. Basically mimic any behaviors that you see a cat/kitten do.

How does one communicate as a kitten? Obviously a cat can’t speak any human languages, which includes motions like nodding or shrugging or giggling (which yes can be hard to stop yourself from doing as a new kitten), so we have to improvise. Meowing, purring (if you can, if not make a sound that is similar that you and your partner knows is you purring), hissing, growling, panting. As for communicative actions, you have pawing, kneading, nudging with your nose. Be creative. The more you play with your partner, the easier time they will have knowing what your meows and other communications mean. An example with my Daddy is that when He asks me a yes or no question, if the answer is yes, i meow. If the answer is no, i do nothing.

How can your partner participate in kitten play? There are the easy things like; petting you, scratching you lightly, patting you on the bottom, etc. There are also things like playing fetch (yes, you can do this with a cat to, just keep in mind, a cat won’t always bring it back), getting a toy on a stick (the ones with handles that have long dangly things and maybe even a mouse on the end), laser pointers (just be careful about your partners eyes). Even giving them cat like challenges like; jumping onto or off of a taller piece of furniture or act like a cat in heat. Teaching them tricks is even a great way to interact with your kitten. Think about what kinds of things you would do with an actual cat/kitten and incorporate them into your dynamic (with in reason of what the human body can actually do obviously).

Other aspects that can be incorporated into kitten play, depending on how serious into it you and your partner are, is things like having cat bowls for food and water, using a litter box or having your own cat bed (modified sizing is probably needed). It can be as simple or as complex as you wish for it to be.

As for my dynamic, Daddy and i do basically all of it, except for using a litter box. i have a full cosplay (ears, tail, mitts, leggings, modified panties for my tail to fit through, knee pads, collar and leash). Sometimes W/we use the whole outfit, sometimes just use certain pieces. As soon as my kitten collar goes on, i have a whole set of rules to follow for kitten play. These rules include things like; no talking or human like actions to communicate, if W/we are at someone’s house, i am not to go on furniture without being invited (in kitten play) and i must stay on all fours (except when doing tricks). i have bowls that i eat and drink out of (note: if you have pets, you may want to keep an eye that they are not using the bowls to). Daddy teaches me tricks and plays fetch or tries to get me to catch the toys in my mouth or bat them back to Him with my paws. Play time can be a very good work out as a kitten!

Kitten play is just one form of pet play. Some people do puppy play, mouse play, pony play, large cat breed play, bear play, wolf play and many more. Some people are also hybrid animals during pet play. i have also heard of people who are a dinosaur or a bat or even a fish. So keep an open mind if you feel pet play may be something that you would enjoy!

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