Finding my Inner little

Daddy just did a post on His point of view about little space and wanted me to write my own blog about it. Been a long time coming, since i haven’t really had time to write much lately and i apologize for that.

What is a little anyway? A little is someone who mentally age regresses. Someone who goes through periods of time where they feel more child/teen like than adult and enjoy all of the things that go along with being someone of that age or age range. Some littles identify more like babies/toddlers (around the new born to four years of age), some identify as a little bit older (five to nine years). Others are typically known as middles and identify somewhere around ten to sixteen years of age. This is not a defined scale as everyone will have their own range that they feel defines them better in their dynamic. Pets also tend to be grouped in as littles, as they to need a caregiver to thoroughly be able to enjoy their head space more easily.

When did i first realize that i was a little? Not talking about my kitten side as a little, i have always had more innocent and child like qualities to my personality. To indulge that side of my personality, i would have friends come over and watch Disney movies and do different crafts. i would walk through the kids sections and baby sections in stores and admire all the toys and soft plushies and blankets, and i was always easily excitable over anything that reminded me of my childhood. When Daddy and i first started O/our dynamic, i always wanted to call Him Daddy, even before i ever knew that there was a DDlg community. It wasn’t until about a year ago that i started seeing a lot more littles online and came across a lot of memes about Daddys and littles that i really started putting two and two together. i would send some of these memes that i really connected with to Daddy and see what He thought about them. He would give a little chuckle or think they were really cute, but never really said too much more about them. i also started chatting a lot more with Daddy’s and my little friend in England around this time. Daddy was getting a lot of experience with her as she was going through a period where she was in little space quite a bit while talking to Him. Daddy and i would be at work and talking to her online through out the day when it was a bit slower. Through some of the chats i would notice myself getting pulled into little space and would start talking back to her in a more innocent like voice and with word pronunciations that i hadn’t used since my mother had taught me to speak them properly. It was an amazing feeling to slip into a much simpler mind set that felt so natural to me. Daddy would make comments here and there about my head space and give knowing smiles about what i was going through.

What are some of the struggles i’ve had with finding my inner little? Well my first real little space moments happened at work while chatting to my little friend. Things would get a bit complicated when a customer would walk in and i would have to chat with them like the adult that i looked like i was. At times it would throw my emotions for a loop being pulled back into an adult head space so suddenly and would leave me feeling a bit confused. i also had a hard time at first with different triggers that would pull me out of my head space. i learned pretty quickly that i am not a sexual little. When in little space anything sexual tends to bring me out of my head space and leaves me feeling a bit down. i also tend to have problems when Daddy calls me kitten while i am in little space. i feel like part of that is that it is a trigger for being in kitten space and part of it is that i am also sexual in kitten space. The only other big struggles have been that of O/our business life. W/we do own O/our own retail store and sometimes business makes it hard to have my little time when needed.

How would i describe my little space? i would say that i am still discovering my little side. i used to say that i was age 3-7. i liked stuffies and blankies and sippy cups. i liked colouring and watching Disney in blanket forts. Too old to be into pacis or diapers or onesies/jumpers, but too young and not independent enough to be a middle. i still slip into that side of my little space at times, but i now sometimes slip into a younger head space where i love my pacis and adult onesies and all i want is to cuddle and be silly. i don’t wear diapers when in this head space, not because i have a problem with it, i just don’t feel like it is something that i am missing in my mind set. Being in my little space is the most freeing feeling. Outside of impact play and some other adult like scenes, it is the only time that i completely let go of all my stresses of my adult life and can just be silly, innocent and happy, worry free. i’m not sure how all of that stuff just disappears out of my head, but it is an incredible experience.

What kinds of things do i do in little space? This all depends on the schedule, if W/we have to do any errands and what kind of head space i am in. Activities include; colouring, lego, play-doh, crafts, baking (with Daddy of course), watching movies, having Daddy read books to me, playing with my stuffies, cuddling, shopping with Daddy, dressing cute and playing games. Daddy took me and O/our England friend to build-a-bear and W/we also went to a petting zoo while in England. There are so many fun things to do with a little. Usually i put my hair up in pigtails or a ponytail with bows. Daddy will fill up my sippy cup and use my little dishes for meals.

The last thing i want to touch on is the newest evolution in my mind sets. i have noticed lately that i can be in little space and suddenly will do something that triggers my kitten head space to come out. They don’t seem to stay out at the same time, but more like a light switch. It has been pretty confusing and usually i just slip right back into the first head space after a moment. i have heard of some people have both head spaces coincide at the same time and i am not sure if that is what might start happening for me, or how that will work, but i guess time will tell.

Thank Y/you for reading and hope this helps out anyone else who may be going through trying to figure out their own head spaces.


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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this, gingerkittensnaps! I have often wondered if I have a little side…and I think that maybe I do. In my mid 30’s, I still collect stuffed animals and I love toys and things that remind me of my childhood. And of course…Disney movies…can’t get by without those 🙂

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