About the authors

This blog is written by a Dominant and His submissive.  We live the lifestyle 24/7 and are completely obsessed with everything to do about BDSM.  The one thing that completely drives U/us crazy is the lack of “quality” online information in regards to the lifestyle.  It is O/our hopes that this blog will not only educate you and provide you with the basics along with carrying you through the more advanced topics.

Information about the authors:
Daddy – Dominant
BDSM has consumed my life since 2015 when I formally entered into a 24/7 BDSM dynamic with My submissive.  Although that isn’t a very long time, I spend at least 2 hours a day researching different topics and discussing BDSM with other active people in the lifestyle.  These people that I have as resources range from Dominants, Masters, submissives, slaves and Switches and some were raised as children in BDSM dynamic families.  If I don’t have an answer on something, I can usually find it out by contacting one of these individuals.

kitten – submissive
i have had an interest in BDSM and many kinks for most of my life. Grew up reading different books about the lifestyle and never fully understanding my interests until two years ago. Daddy an i got to a point in O/our lives and knowledge, where both of U/us were ready and comfortable with diving head first into a D/s relationship. Since then, W/we have continued to talk to as many knowledgeable P/people as W/we could find and have learned how to find more reliable information even online. O/our dynamic has grown so much and continues to grow with O/our knowledge of the lifestyle each and every day. O/our hope for this blog is to keep sharing that knowledge with all of Y/you who are trying to learn, the way W/we have been.